Dog Friendly Pubs and Hotels

Four-legged friends are a very big deal at William de Percy as we are a dog friendly pub and restaurant. The Northumberland breathtaking countryside is heaven on earth for any creature with fur, four legs and a wet nose.


From Dachshunds to Dalmatians, Chihuahuas to Catahoula leopard dogs (yes, really!), we love them all and there’s always room at the Inn for them. As well as being a dog-friendly pub and restaurant we even have three dog-friendly hotel rooms so you can stay the night and explore more of Northumberland with your pooch.


We would even go as far as to say:

we are one of the best places to stay in Northumberland with a dog

Pet-friendly Resturant based in Northumberland

Dog friendly pubs in Northumberland are hard to find! So if you have been on a walk around the great countryside we are lucky enough to find ourselves in, then come along and visit us.


We really do love pets and would love to see your dog in our dog friendly restaurant. The William De Percy Inn offers a great atmosphere, and if your dog is lucky, they might even get a little treat from one of our staff.


Our restaurant has a homely dog section, so you and your best friend can enjoy dog friendly places to eat!

Dog walks near Otterburn


As we are located in the beautiful Northumberland country, there are plenty of dog walks suited for any type of dog and owner! So if you would like to take a look at the best walking routes located around us, view our list of the best dog walks near by. With walks around the famous Northumberland national park, you won’t be stuck for walks!

Please contact our booking team to find out more about our Pooch friendly pub, restaurant and hotel to see exactly how we can look after you and your canine companion.


Why are dog friendly pubs in Northumberland so important?

Northumberland is a great area to go walking, as it is such a picturesque area, most walkers want to take their ‘number one friend’ with them, to share the experience with!

Once you have finished your walk and took in all the sights of the beautiful scenery. What better way to finish off than relaxing in the pub?

Therefore, dog friendly pubs in Northumberland are the perfect option for you to relax with your dog. So join us at William De Percy, where we will be waiting for you and your companion.

People with their dogs often do their research before going on their walks. Therefore, people who search for dog friendly pubs in Northumberland struggle to find the appropriate pubs. So we thought it was important that we are a dog friendly pub to help people who are struggling to find the right place to unwind after a long day.

What do dog owners want to see?

Dog owners want to see dog friendly pubs in Northumberland to have fresh water visible for their dogs, so you can both have your drink together! William De Percy pride themselves in being a dog friendly pub in Northumberland, with friendly staff offering water, and if they are lucky, they may be able to get a treat!