The local area of Otterburn

Otterburn is a small village with a lot going on and worth a visit. The area of Otterburn is known for its historical factors – on the outskirts you will find the site of the famous Battle of Otterburn in 1388, where the english army suffered a bloody defeat by the Scots! Aside from the historical factors – today, things are much quieter in the picturesque village of Otterburn with a small, but friendly community.


Things to do in Otterburn


Otterburn Mill

Otterburns main attraction is the Otterburn Mill, which contains a museum showcasing the history of weaving and wool milling in the area. The mill also includes a cafe, outdoor clothing store and a Tourist Information Centre. This makes for the perfect family day out, where you can learn about the iconic history of weaving while staying for a bit to eat.


River Rede

The small village also lies on the banks of the River Rede, a great base to explore the beautiful Redesdale valley. You’ll see a selection of pubs, restaurants, accomodation and shops. Percy Cross, a monument also known as the Battle Strone, lies just north-west of Otterburn, which commemorates the Battle of Otterburn as previously mentioned. It is named after the Percys of Northumberland who lost against their arch enemies.


Otterburn Ranges

An extraordinary, remote area in the wild heart of the National Park, this area is sometimes cordoned off from the public for military exercises – you will always know when you’re allowed to visit the ranges when there is no red flags on site!