Locally Sourced Ingredients in and around Newcastle

We believe food produced in Northumberland taste better to other products which are produced outside of this wonderful area. Which is why we try and source our food that is based and produced in Northumberland. We believe it is important to keep the food we serve local, not only to help out our local community and local producers but because it tastes so great!


Here at William De Percy, we are proud to help out local community and economy. Northumberland relies on the local support to help keep the food and drink produce stay alive.


Northumberland products


In and around Northumberland, farmers and volunteers are working hard to maintain the good quality of grass, to ensure the livestock are getting the best possible nutrients. Which we believe is key to the great, tender and succulent meat that this county produces.


Northumberland not only produces great meat but also fantastic potatoes, with farms all over the region, it’s ideal for us as they are on our doorstep. The flavour of the potatoes produced in Northumberland is a step up from other producers. We believe it is due to the fact that the soil in Northumberland has regular rotation soil testing, and based upon the findings, fertilisers and plant nutrient plans are put into place on a field by field basis.


As Northumberland is on the coast there are many places which will are great for catching fish. From sea fishing, reservoir, lake and river fishing, there are plenty of different fish which can be caught, around the whole of the North East. There are places around the North East which allow anglers to bait, spin or fly fish, which is great in the bigger reservoirs like Kielder, Fontburn and Derwent.


As you have seen, Northumberland produce great food, and the farmers etc keep well on top of it to ensure that it is the best quality. Which is why we try our best to serve food from this great area.