Spring Activities in Northumberland

When it comes to springtime, there is nowhere better to experience it than Northumberland. It is one of the most beautiful counties in England and William De Percy is so proud to be located right in the heart of it!


Surrounded by rolling hills covered in newborn lambs, quaint little towns littered in beautiful blossoms and some of the friendliest people you will meet, Northumberland is truly alive in the Spring. We have listed a few of our favourite activities to do in Northumberland, which is great for people of all ages…


Eat some local treats

Northumberland is a minefield for delicious local treats. Whether you’re in the mood for some traditional delights or some trendy treats, Northumberland has it all.

If you’re wanting some real, and traditional farmhouse ice cream, take a trip to Morwick Dairy Farm, they have an array of ice creams to try in their parlour, as well as the potential to see some dairy cows in their farm. Please remember, if taking a trip here, they only accept cash!


Or, how about some seafood? We are at the heart of the fishing industry here in the North East of England, so make sure to take a trip over to Craster for some impeccable seafood. Craster is the home of Craster Kipper and L Robson know how to cook it to perfection! With beautiful views and a full, happy belly you will truly feel at home in Craster.


Go stargazing!

It’s common knowledge that Northumberland is home to the beautiful are of Kielder, which has some of the darkest skies in Europe! Spring makes for a perfect time to go stargazing, as the air begins to get warmer and the sky brighter for longer, you will be sure to see a sky full of stars at the Kielder Observatory. Make sure to check out their events early on, as they can fill up months in advance.


Explore the natural beauty

Why not grab your bike or your walking boots and take a day out adventuring through the vast country life that is Northumberland. At William De Percy, we love packing up our belongings and going for a long weekend away camping. There are some hidden towns such as Middleton, that showcases the true countryside lifestyle of the locals, alongside so exquisite walking routes.


If you’re wanting a day out rather than a weekend trip, we recommend venturing over to Cragside. During the springtime their rhododendrons are in full bloom, if you haven’t seen these flowers before, they are definitely one to see – bright pink in colour, they stand out from the rest.


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Northumberland is always nice, sunny and green in the springtime. Make sure you tick it off of your to-do list this Spring. If you’re looking for any more ideas for spring activities in Northumberland, why not pop into William De Percy, or call us on 01830 520261.