Top 3 Dog Walks in Otterburn

We all know that Northumberland is one of the most beautiful places in the UK, and in the heart of Redesdale is the picturesque village of Otterburn. Within Otterburn there are plenty of walks to get you out and about in the countryside, and they are perfect for you and your dog. Otterburn is easily accessible, with links from the A696, A68, and only 25 miles north of Newcastle, so there is no excuse not to go exploring with your best friend.


Otterburn Mill

Otterburn Mill is the local attraction for everyone in and around the village of Otterburn. It has many different walking difficulties, therefore suitable for all kinds of walkers (and dogs!). From beginners to advanced, the 25 acres of fields and footpaths surrounding the area will be able to cater all types of walkers. The Mill also has some shops for those who like to do some retail therapy after their walk, perfect for the whole family.


Otterburn Village trail

One walk which is great for all is the Otterburn village trail, this is a 3 mile walk which should take you roughly 2 hours to complete. It is a self-guided trail so it will allow you to find your own little peaceful spots. This great walk starts and finishes in Otterburn Mill carpark, therefore it is an easily accessible route for those who have come to visit the area.

This trail may allow you to see some otters if you are lucky, however it is difficult to spot these, but their footprints may be able to give them away! So remember to take note when on your walk. Including otters, this Northumberland National Park is home to some beautiful wildlife. Including herons and curlews in the summer months.


Hadrian’s Wall

If you are looking to walk a bit of history, then you will be at home walking alongside the historic Hadrian’s Wall. The full length of the wall is 84 miles long, but don’t worry, this can be split up into smaller walks around Northumberland. This trail allows you to take in stunning sights like the Sycamore gap. This is a well-known destination in the Northumberland National Park, due to the tree growing in a dramatic gap, with the wall continuing alongside each peak.


Once you have finished your walk in the lovely village of Otterburn, then come and relax with us at William De Percy. If it is for a drink, some food or to stay in one of our luxury rooms for the night, come and join us. Your dog is welcome too! So there is no excuse not to come and visit us!